How To Prepare for Radiation Therapy

Preparing certain things in advance may help make your treatment less stressful. Before you go to the hospital, think through transportation, everyday life necessities and special needs.

  • Do you have comfortable clothes to wear to and from treatment?
  • Do you have something to read or do while you wait for treatment?
  • Ask if you can listen to music or books on tape and prepare those if you choose.
  • Do you have someone to drive you to and from the hospital?
  • Is there someone at home, or who can come to stay with you, to help for the first few weeks after your treatment?
  • Have you prepared your home so that necessary, everyday items are easy to reach?
  • Are you stocked up with essential items, such as groceries and toiletries?
  • Do you have any special equipment, medicines, creams that you might need after the treatment?

You may be advised by your doctors and potentially the dietician on your cancer care team to follow a special diet before, during and after radiation therapy. Eating enough calories and protein may be advised in order to keep up your energy and weight during this time. You may find resources through your team’s dietician or the National Cancer Institute that contain food and drink recommendations for your cancer regimen.

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