How to Prepare for the Day of your Knee Surgery

Preparing certain things in advance may help make your surgery less stressful. Before you go to the hospital, think through transportation, everyday life necessities and special needs.

  • Do you have someone to drive you to and from the hospital?
  • Is there someone at home, or who can come to stay with you, to help for the first few weeks after your surgery?
  • Have you prepared your home so that necessary, everyday items are easy to reach?
  • Are you stocked up with essential items, such as groceries and toiletries?
  • Do you have any special equipment you might need after the operation?

Your hospital stay

If you are having a joint replacement, you will probably remain in hospital between 3 and 5 days post-surgery, you may go home earlier or later depending on mobility. Having certain things with you for your hospital stay will make it that much more comfortable.

  • Comfortable, easy-to-wear clothing
  • Personal care items/toiletries
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Personal items like books, music, knitting, computer, mobile telephone, etc.

If you have any existing conditions and take any medications and/or supplements, please let your doctor and nurses know ahead of time to ensure that they are compatible with your surgical medications.