Together We Provide Medical Technology to Create Opportunities for a Better World

The Right.Brain Foundation is dedicated to providing medical technology, support and education to selected hospitals and public institutions in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Countries are reviewed carefully and selected based on several criteria including per capita income, reliable energy supply, and adequately trained healthcare professionals. The Foundation also looks at other key factors like distribution of wealth, political stability and safety of the country as well as where patients may be able to benefit the most from providing treatment.

Right.Brain partners with hospitals and physicians in North America and Europe, building an exchange program to help teach physicians in developing countries how to use advanced technology effectively. The Foundation provides equipment and trained personnel to hospitals in need, including personnel training at the local hospital level. Right.Brain is designed to help further clinical education, provide hope for citizens, and raise the bar in academic achievements for medical residents and studying physicians.

Brainlab employees support the cause in a variety of ways, donating time for on-site training and support to the local hospitals, frequent flyer miles for travel, and monetarily.