Who We Are

Brainlab is a privately held company found all over the world and at Brainlab.com. We have been innovating and developing cutting-edge medical software and systems since 1989. Among the core products are image-guided surgery systems used by physicians to navigate the human body during medical procedures and to deliver radiation to cancerous tumors and lesions. Areas of expertise include neurosurgery, spinal surgery, orthopedics, ear/nose/throat (ENT), cranio-maxillofacial (CMF), trauma and oncology.

People are more empowered today than ever to seek information, and take an active interest in their health and healthcare choices. In turn, we have become even more committed to showcasing knowledge and embracing the idea that quality healthcare is not just about quality technology. Sharing ideas, knowledge, patient stories and experience is a key ingredient for making an even bigger impact on healthcare.


What We Care About

We are building – from head to toe – a place to learn, explore, and equip your brain with health information. At Brainlab.org the focus is sharing the combined knowledge of medical technologists, expert physicians, experienced patients and their advocates.

We all need information about our health, but at times, the information we surf, find and read is difficult to understand. It is important to understand the technologies doctors are using so we may make more informed decisions about our treatment and feel like part of the process. Our goal, at Brainlab.org, is to demystify health conditions, support how they make people feel, and provide useable information on medical technology that can help.

To create this resource, we have a dynamic team that is growing and focused solely on helping patients use the health information that is available to them. We hope you will join us in our mission to make medical technology more understandable.