What is Digital Templating?


Before surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may use digital templating software to pre-plan your operation with the X-Ray image of your hip. This software allows your surgeon to preview a digital replica of your implant on screen and assess its size and placement to help match your specific anatomy and assess leg length and offset postoperative results far before any cuts are made.1

This kind of software is not specific to patients with hip concerns; all different Orthopedic specialties may benefit from digital templating such as in knee, trauma, pediatric, spine, upper extremities, deformity correction and foot and ankle surgery procedures.


1 Lecerf G. et al. Femoral offset: Anatomical concept, definition, assessment, implications for preoperative templating and hip arthroplasty, Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2009 May; 95(3):210-9