What is Digital Templating?

Before surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may use digital templating software to pre-plan your operation with the X-Ray image of your knee. This software allows your surgeon to determine the alignment of your knee before surgery and compare your pre-operative knee to the treatment plan. In addition, your surgeon can calculate where and how much bone will need to be surgically removed and decide which type and size knee implant is best for you. While your surgeon may need to make new decisions during the actual surgery, having planned the surgery in advance can reduce uncertainty.

After surgery, your surgeon may use digital templating software tools to assess the new alignment of your knee and the positioning of new implant components.

This kind of software is not specific to patients with knee concerns; a number of different clinical specialties may benefit from digital templating such as in hip, trauma, pediatric, spine/back, extremities, and foot and ankle surgery procedures.

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