Why is Software-Guided Surgery Performed?

Accurate alignment and stability of artificial knee components is very important to the overall function of the new joint and it also helps to make the prosthesis last much longer1.
Navigation is a guiding tool designed to help surgeons place joint implants with increased accuracy2, there are additional benefits associated with the software-guided partial knee replacement and total knee replacement procedure:

  • Can lead to decreased blood loss due to minimally invasive approaches3
  • Provides alignment information and helps to improve positioning of the implant components4
  • Can be a valuable tool for the implant positioning for knees with large deformities4, 5
  • Enables balancing of the knee with software guidance

Software-guided systems help surgeons determine more accurate positioning of artificial implants compared to conventional surgery2. This positioning is one of the most critical aspects of knee replacement surgery. Incorrectly aligned implants can lead to increased wear and loosening of the joint replacement.


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