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Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best.

A Patient’s Story

We were very pleased to find out Bruce was eligible for the new treatment. It meant that the treatment cycle was significantly reduced, given that 15 lesions were found on the brain.

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Together we fight cancer. #worldcancerday #IAmAndIWill

The Evolution of Cancer Treatments

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Study Indicates Radiosurgery Treatment When Lung Cancer Migrates to the Brain

New research suggests that Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) is of little benefit to people whose lung cancer has spread to the brain, even though it is used widely for this indication. The new study was presented in September 2016 at the European Respiratory Society meeting in London.

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High Risk Prostate Cancer Patients Being Enrolled in Study

Movember Is Here!

Research using a second-generation androgen-receptor targeting agent is now underway on the male patient population that is at risk of dying of prostate cancer called castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).

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Rock Star Glioblastoma Patient Raising Awareness For Brain Cancer

Gord Downie, lead singer of the Canadian rock band, the Tragically Hip, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma—an aggressive form of brain cancer—in late 2015. The band performed one final tour in August 2016 with Downie’s lead physician, James Perry, MD, at his side the entire tour.

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