How Long is Recovery from Image Guided Brain Surgery?

Any type of surgery will put strain on your body. There are many factors that can impact your recovery time such as the location of your brain tumor, the areas of your brain affected by the surgery, your age, and your general overall health. These factors may affect the amount of pain or scarring that will result from your surgery. Based on these factors, your surgeon will be able to give you an estimated recovery time.

Image guided surgery technology arose from the challenge of operating on the most delicate organ of the human body, the brain. With the aid of neuronavigation, surgeons can oftentimes make smaller craniotomies and reduce operating and hospitalization time, which can in turn help reduce recovery time.

Several clinical studies have been performed about different types of brain tumors and neuronavigation has been shown in those studies to improve the amount of tumor removal, which in turn correlates with improved patient outcomes.1

With the advancements in treatment options, many more patients are living longer, fuller lives, therefore your doctor will also discuss if you may be at risk for any long-term side effects from your brain surgery.