Long Term Care After Radiation Therapy Treatment

You and your cancer care team will develop a life-long follow-up program. This will include regular clinical and imaging check-ups with your treating physicians/team, as this follow-up is critical for the desired outcome. Together with your primary care physician, your cancer care team will be watching you for any long-term side effects and as your body heals and you stay cancer free, these appointments may become further apart.

Everyone’s battle with cancer is different. Feeling empowered to ask about your doctor’s experience with radiation treatment, success rates for your type of brain cancer, and advice on multidisciplinary treatments will go a long way to help make your cancer treatment journey as positive as possible.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and include your support group in the information process. It’s important for you to let your doctor know if you don’t understand something. Being your own advocate and trusting your instincts brings confidence to this very important decision process.