How Long is Recovery from Spine Surgery?

As with any medical procedure, recovery takes time and proper care to ensure the best possible quality of life going forward. Back surgery is personal for each patient and recovery will depend upon your condition and the type of surgery performed. Some patients may return to their daily routines after six weeks and others will require more time to adjust to life after surgery.

You should be prepared to experience some pain, which will depend upon the type of procedure, techniques used and personal journey. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medications and prescription medications may be prescribed in addition to ice and heat therapy to ease soreness and discomfort. You will likely be provided with a back brace, which may help improve pain for several weeks post-operatively and may be relied upon long afterward for comfort and support.

Get your support network in place to help you through the healing process. Physical therapy and at-home exercises are important components for recovery and will usually start between two to six weeks after surgery, depending upon the procedure performed and your overall condition, post-operatively.

Patients should discuss returning to work with their doctor as this varies widely, depending upon the procedure, the patient’s recovery process and how strenuous the patient’s job is.