What to Do After Spine Surgery?

Your surgeon may provide you with instructions about what you need to do at home in the first few weeks following surgery.

Physical therapy
if prescribed, you should prioritize physical therapy as it helps you to learn how to move properly and get active in ways that keep your back in a safe position and don’t induce pain. You may learn new ways to climb stairs, get dressed and undressed, get in and out of bed and up from a chair safely. Eventually you will learn to lift and carry items safely.

Wearing a brace
If you are prescribed a back brace, you should wear it as recommended. It will provide comfort, support and stability to your back while it heals.

You will need to learn to sleep in a position that doesn’t cause back pain and affords you uninterrupted sleep because this promotes faster healing.

Slow, regular and gentle movement helps keep blood circulating, which can help speed healing.